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The Only “Foot-Traffic” Company In South Florida

Creative Marketing, Real Foot Traffic, Brand Partnerships, Event Strategy

Creative Marketing, Real Foot Traffic, Brand Partnerships, Events

When it comes to bringing real customers to your business, we deliver. Our reputation & success is built on it.

Trusted By 50+ Companies In South Florida.

All-in-one services

As a trusted corporation, we strive for excellence across all customer services.

Creative Marketing

Out-Of-The-Box Marketing Plans That Create Viral Outcomes On All Platforms & Big Trackable Results.

Brand Partnerships

Brand Distribution At It’s Finest, Creating Unique Sponsorship Opportunities & Placements.

Events & Foot Traffic

Organized, Large-Scale Events & Offers That Create Urgency, Excitement, & Foot Traffic To Any Venue One Time Or Recurring.

Trusted Reputation

We Are Known & Trusted By Top Companies & Execs

We’re happy to get you on the phone with any of our clients for a recommendation, as we operate in great business practice, deliver what we say we will, & transparent pricing models to serve all.

  • Our Reputation Is Spot Clean

  • Our Reviews Are Raving

  • Our Network Is Pivotal

Plan. Strategize. Execute.

Intensive Brainstorm Sessions

Real People. Real Traffic. Real Results.

Trackable, Real Success

Let’s Win Together

We offer the best services and ensure real results to our clients

Creative Marketing

Our marketing services include ads, search engine optimization (SEO), and various forms of advertising such as television, radio, and billboards. Our team of marketing experts works with you to develop effective strategies that help you reach your target audience and drive traffic to your business.

Brand Partnerships

We can help you grow your brand through distribution, sponsorships, brand growth, and partnerships. Our team will work with you to identify the right partners and develop strategic partnerships that help you achieve your business goals.

Events & Foot Traffic

Our events and foot traffic services include private events, corporate events, concerts, festivals, and real foot traffic through your door. We can help you plan and execute successful events that attract new customers and increase sales.


How Can We Work Together?

When it comes to business services, Multitude Entertainment delivers. We pride ourselves on having the A-Team so that your business can scale exponentially.

  • Marketing – Ads, SEO, & Tv/Radio/Billboards

  • Web Design & Software Development – Design & Develop Websites, Apps, Custom Software, & More

  • Brand Partnerships – Distribution, Sponsorships, Brand Growth, & Partnerships

  • Events & Foot Traffic – Private Events, Corporate Events, Concerts, Festivals, & Real Foot Traffic Through Your Door

  • Food & Beverage Growth – Live Music, Offer Generation, & Clientele Building

  • Food & Beverage Staffing – Professionally Trained Servers, Bartenders, Hosts, & Additional Training Services

  • Photo & Video – Creative Commercials, Flyers, Graphics, & More

  • Networking & Referrals – Leverage Our Network Of Authorities In All Local & Regional Industries

Let’s Work Together

We Generate Real Results

Years Of Experience
0 Million
Generated Revenue
Avg. Revenue Increase

Let’s Work Together

We Generate Real Results

Years Of Experience
Generated Profit
Avg. Revenue Increase
Best solutions

Let’s Partner Up

Business Solutions Crafted With Purpose & Strategy

Our Team Was Built On Innovators. When Others Go Right, We Go Left. Creativity & Being Different Is Where We Thrive.

The Right Partner For Your Business

Client Satisfaction (Our Reviews Speak For Themselves)
Network Reach (We Have Access To Decision Makers)
Avg. Campaign Results (We Can Prove It)

Our Amazing Team

Our Staff Is Overqualified & Ready To Work

Hector Garcia

Founder & CEO

Orlando Masso

Tech Expert

Maria Torres

Office Manager

Relationships & Trust

Our clients & partners have been with us a long time, and we prefer it that way.

We are not just another service company out to make a quick buck, we stick it for the long run and ride the ups and downs with you. We value long term relationships & trust over short term gain.

  • Transparent & Clear Pricing

  • Trustworthy Business Practices

  • Client Satisfaction & Relationships Come First

Real Results

Let’s Partner Up

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